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terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2011

Personal Letter

 Como vocês puderam ver no POST anterior, hoje eu fiquei ON!!!!

Então hoje começa a minha saga em busca da família certa... na hora certa e blá blá blá

Decidi então postar minha personal letter na esperança de ajudar alguém, não sei se é a melhor das cartas mas eu particulamente gosto bastante...


Personal Letter

Dear Family,

My name is Thamiris, but my family and friends call me Thamis, I’m 23 years old and I live in São Paulo, Capital of São Paulo State. It’s the most populous city in Brazil.

I live with my parents, my father Ademir (46) he is a mechanical technician and my mother Vera (47) works with him in the administrative area of their store. I have a sister Jéssica (20), she is a Nutrition Student and now we have a new participant in our family, Inês (12) she lives in a home for children that were abandoned by their parents or orphan, now she comes to my house on the weekends and
holidays. The family is big and I have many relatives who live near me and I love when my little cousins visit me. We are a happy and joined family.

I am a hardworking, lovely, responsible, calm, creative, patient, energetic, open-mind and very funny person who loves children. In my free times I like to go out with my family to the movies, restaurants, parks or just be at home and watch a movie or cook some delicious thing together. I like to take my little cousins to go out and play with them, to read books and listen to music, I really love to dance (I’ve been studying ballet for almost 6 years), I like to go out with my friends and I also like to drive. I have been doing it for about 5 years. I usually go to my work by car and  sometimes I go out with my little cousins by car.

I graduated in Advertising in 2009 and I like my degree because it develops my creativity, now I’ve been working for an Engineering Company, I like my work, because of it I have developed skills in organization, compliance with rules and goals and interpersonal relationship.

My first contact with kids was with my cousin when I was 13 years old. She was born when I was 10 years old and her parents came to live near me when she was almost 3. She has stayed with me at home during the week for some months. I used to feed her, give her a bath, play with her, draw, take her to the park, read good stories and listen to music and dance. It was funny!

In 2009 I took care of my workmate's daughter (Rafaela) during the weekends. She was 5 years old and I used to play with her, to listen to music, to watch a children's movie, to feed her, to give her a bath and to help with her homework. After lunch we used to do some educational activity like: reading a book, doing some outdoor activity, drawing or painting.

In 2010 during the week in the night I took care of a boy and a girl, Nicolas, (4) and Eduarda, (11). I used to stay with them while her parents were in the University. I used to help them with their homework and their bath, feed them and play a little bit before take them to bed. The little boy always wanted me to read him some stories.

I also have been working with children's monitoring at parties and ballet classes to girls of 4 to 9 years old, I love my little ballerinas. I have always enjoyed kids, and they love to play with me. I'm sure that I'll be a good Au pair, because I'll put the kids in first place. I'll learn a lot with them and with your family and I also intend to teach a little bit about Brazilian culture to you.

Regarding this program I see a great opportunity to improve my English, skills and know another culture and country by doing what I like most. Being an Au Pair and living with an American family will be very important to improve speaking skills and if possible learn something related to my professional education during the free times. Besides this, is an intensive way to self-knowledge, It's a unique experience. I will take care of your children as if they were my own. I really expect to be soon considered as a family member of my future host family.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.



8 comentários:

  1. Gostei da sua Personal Letter . :D
    O engraçado é que eu escrevi a minha nesses dias !

    Primeira vez que eu passo aqui e já estou te seguindo ! :D
    Se puder me segue e comente no meu blog . :)

    Beijos e boa sorte na sua saga de procurar uma família . ;)

  2. Parabéns por ter ficado online!!!!!
    Boa Sorte para encontrar família!!

  3. Obrigadinha Megui...
    hoje entrou uma família no meu APP
    ainda não consegui ver de onte são... mas volto pra contar ... obrigadinha !

  4. Tá ótima a carta! ;D
    Ficou direta e de um tamanho ótimo!!!
    A minha ficou realmente uma carta!!!

    Só que estou esperando pra ficar ON ainda... vai demoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  5. Oi Emi... td bm?
    Obrigada por seguir... !
    De onde vc é?
    tentei entrar no seu blog... mas precisa de permissão né?

  6. Oi Gi... td bm ? Obrigada pela visita!

    Vc está indo por qual agência?
    Se precisar de qlqr coisa estamos aí!


  7. Nossa! Com o perdão da palavra, achei sua letter MUITO FODA! Simplesmente perfeita! Parabéns!

    Boa-sorte, Thamis! Com uma carta dessa, você vai conseguir uma Host Family muito bacana! Certeza!

    Ainda tô no ínicio do processo... também vou pela Cultural Care, assisti a palestra no ínicio de Abril (dia 02), se quiser visitar meu blog também, ficarei feliz! =D

    Beijos e sucesso! ;D